SUNDAY 27 MARCH 2022 It’s day 32. CNN Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard: Is advocating for a humanitarian no-fly zone over western Ukraine.  Ideally it would be done by the UN, but if not, by NATO and the US, carving out western Ukraine down to Odesa. There would have to be troops with a peace enforcementContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: SUNDAY”

Podcast: Scheer Intelligence

Listen to what Dennis Kucinich has to say about the “soul of the Democratic Party.” In this podcast by journalist Robert Scheer, Kucinich and Scheer talk about: -whether the Democratic Party has a soul.  Kucinich says he’s not sure that it does anymore -Clinton, as a public official, supporting interventionism and regime change. -the ClintonContinue reading “Podcast: Scheer Intelligence”

Something is Different: Fight or Get Out of the Way

Rachael Maddow said tonight that she feels there is something different going on; that a corner has been turned.  I feel the same way although I can’t explain why.   I have watched many Trump rallies, all the way through and taken notes, but tonight, I watched a murderous thug of a moron scream liesContinue reading “Something is Different: Fight or Get Out of the Way”

Normalizing Genocide: The Corporate Media

Afternoon Notes: The Media I still can’t believe that we have allowed a moron to displace 100,000 people and provoke what Richard Engels calls “ethnic cleansing” and corporate news commentators continue to laugh and joke and normalize the political situation. I like Chris Hayes. I was delighted to see him come from the Nation MagazineContinue reading “Normalizing Genocide: The Corporate Media”

Syria: U. S. Forces “fell under artillery fire.”

Newsweek is reporting that U.S. special forces near Kobani “fell under artillery fire” from Turkish forces. Pentagon officials commented that the Turkish forces should be aware of U.S. positions “down to the grid.”    

Who Are the Kurds?

  Based on BBC News, 10/9/19 “Who Are the Kurds.” After WWI the Western allies made a provision for a Kurdish state. Treaty of Lausanne set the boundaries of modern Turkey and made no provision for a Kurdish state.  This left Kurds in a minority status in their respective countries. Any time the Kurds triedContinue reading “Who Are the Kurds?”

Afternoon Notes: George W. Bush whipped for Kavanaugh, Turkey, Erdogan,Unnecessary Wars

TUESDAY 8 OCTOBER 2019 The Acting DHS Secretary walked out of a public appearance yesterday in D.C. He evidently didn’t like being asked difficult questions.  There are other questions about why he has not become the permanent Secretary. Trump has invited Erdogan to the White House. The last time he was in Washington (2017), Erdogan’sContinue reading “Afternoon Notes: George W. Bush whipped for Kavanaugh, Turkey, Erdogan,Unnecessary Wars”