Fox News is Interviewing Bill Barr, the most dangerous bull in the herd.

UKRAINE UPDATE, 3:30 PM CNN Russia is claiming that the victims of their invasion are “crisis actors.” FOX NEWS Fox New seems to have completely forgotten how deeply up the ass of Putin the Republican party has been in the past and is now.  To hear them tell it, Putin is the most evil manContinue reading “Fox News is Interviewing Bill Barr, the most dangerous bull in the herd.”

please don’t try to make voter suppression prince, brad raffensperger, a hero

John Nichols in The Nation,a%20part%20of%20the%20fight%20against%20voter%20suppression.


Jennifer Cohn, an election security advocate, writer, and attorney is essential reading if you are at all interested in fair elections.  One of the downsides to Biden winning the 2020 election is that everybody wants to go home, drink and relax.  As women keep saying to me, they want to get back to “normal.”  But,Continue reading “FAIR ELECTION? “i SEE NO PROGRESS TOWARDS AN EVIDENCE-BASED ELECTION.””


Republicans are furious with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and SOS Brad Raffensperger because even with a new $150 million voting machine system, they couldn’t reliably deliver a win for Trump and two Republican Senators.  The two senate candidates, Perdue and Loeffler, called for Raffensperger’s resignation.  Kemp, it will be remembered, is widely thought in GeorgiaContinue reading “GEORGIA: THE USUAL SUSPECTS”

We don’t need voluntary capitulation

Tuesday 3 November 2020 Even though a Texas Judge ruled that Republicans who sought to throw out 127,000 ballots cast in drive-thru locations in Harris County, Texas did not have standing, Harris County decided to close down most of its drive-thru voting locations overnight.  Why?  The judge in the case, Andrew Hanen, found it necessaryContinue reading “We don’t need voluntary capitulation”

stealing the vote: state developments

STEALING THE VOTE: •       The Supreme Court has sided with South Carolina Republicans attempting to suppress the vote by reinstating a law requiring witness signature for mail-in ballots.  This decreases the vote by making it more difficult for people to vote, requiring them to risk COVID by having someone else witness the ballot, and providesContinue reading “stealing the vote: state developments”

Stealing the election: Just today

The Head Fake Trump in a news conference (or whatever that things is he does when he comes out and lies for an extended period of time) is preparing the population for a “disaster” on election day.  He keeps repeating the scenario and thereby painting the picture for his supporters of total confusion.  Today heContinue reading “Stealing the election: Just today”

The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election

The New York Times yesterday published an article about Biden’s “war room,” a “major new legal operation” to deal with election protection.  Staffed with hundreds of lawyers and big names like Eric Holder, we are led to believe that the Biden campaign will, unlike campaigns before it (Clinton and Kerry, for example) be prepared toContinue reading “The “war room” for the wrong war: stealing the election”

Stealing the Election: Behind our Backs and in front of our faces

It is tempting to think that authoritarian governments come to power through sudden and dramatic coups, but often they do not.  Instead, they come to power through a creeping co-opting of authority.  This is the preferred method, the most successful method of taking control.  A sudden, dramatic take-over of a society provokes resistance.  Sliding theContinue reading “Stealing the Election: Behind our Backs and in front of our faces”

GEORGIA ON MY MIND: Voting in Brian Kemp’s Georgia

Stealing the Vote   The Republicans are using a variety of methods to steal this election. At the moment, the focus is on disenfranchising people because their ballots by mail don’t arrive on time. The Republican party is actively sabotaging the post office to make sure that your ballot doesn’t arrive on time. But, thisContinue reading “GEORGIA ON MY MIND: Voting in Brian Kemp’s Georgia”