21 MARCH 2022, 4 PM MSNBC It is estimated that 3.5 million people have been forced to leave Ukraine. The vaccinated rate in Ukraine is low and therefore there is likely to be another COVId outbreak.  U.S. is not accepting many refugees from Ukraine.  Why? Filtration camps?  People being evacuated and transported. Miles Taylor: WeContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: 4 PM”

michael lewis’ “the premonition.”

Michal Lewis’ new book “The Premonition” couldn’t be more newsworthy.  Through the stories of three individuals who worked in the public health system, Lewis makes plain just how we ended up with a dysfunctional CDC at a time of a global pandemic. In an interview with Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC (5/12/21) Lewis notes that weContinue reading “michael lewis’ “the premonition.””

amanpour interview with michael lewis about his new book

Christina Amanpour interviews author Michael Lewis May 6, 2021 about his new book “The Premonition.”  In his book, Michael Lewis followed three characters involved in the public health system and tells their stories.  The stories carry lessons for pandemic response in the past and the future. As Amanpour notes, Lewis had already written about theContinue reading “amanpour interview with michael lewis about his new book”

further notes about covid and india

10 May 2021 The New York Times (Marshal, 5/9/21) reported an increasing number of potentially fatal fungal infections affecting people who have COVID or who have recently recovered from COVID.  The condition affects people who have compromised immune systems especially those with diabetes.  This is a respiratory mold that was present in India before theContinue reading “further notes about covid and india”

india is the republican’s idea of the future

In the past two days I have listened to three interviews with Indian journalist Barkha Dutt about the stunning second wave of COVID deaths in India.  Dutt lost her own father to COVID within the past week.  She comes from what she describes as a privileged family in India, but even so, she was notContinue reading “india is the republican’s idea of the future”