further notes about covid and india

10 May 2021

The New York Times (Marshal, 5/9/21) reported an increasing number of potentially fatal fungal infections affecting people who have COVID or who have recently recovered from COVID.  The condition affects people who have compromised immune systems especially those with diabetes. 

This is a respiratory mold that was present in India before the pandemic.  It erodes the facial structure and harms the brain.  Doctors posit that the increase in the incidence could be from self medicating, or the widespread use of steroids to treat the virus. 

Marshal (5/9/21) “A potentially fatal fungal…” New York Times

After reporters in India attempted to alert the world to the severity of the problems in the country experiencing a devastating second wave of COVID, right-wing social media started attacking the journalists.  In what has been called “an orchestrated move” the right is trying to discredit journalists, especially those wiring for foreign publications like the Washington Post.

They have been slammed as “vultures” for posting photographs and video of crematoriums.  Indian journalist Barkha Dutt was criticized as taking “a macabre ghoulish delight at our misery.”  She was called a disgrace to India.  Dutt has said in interviews that many journalists are being asked not to share photographs of the situation in India on the ground.


Article: The News Minute


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