MONDAY 18 APRIL 2022 Joe Scarborough took his audience through a detailed analysis of how the events in Ukraine are like the suffering of the Christian Christ from Friday to Sunday.  The dreaded Mika sat beside him staring with adoration.  Best Scarborough quote, said with the injured pride of the religious right: “I believe becauseContinue reading “MORNING JOE AND UKRAINE”


UKRAINE NOTES: 6:30 PM POLITICS Joe (“stunningly superficial”) Scarborough is joining the other Republicans in calling for a cessation of regulations on the fossil fuel industry so we can establish “energy independence.”  Fox News has been pumping this line today. Additionally in FOX, the “expert” called Putin a “communist.”  I. Just. Can’t. Zelensky wanted toContinue reading “UPDATE: UKRAINE”


It started last night and then in a totally predictable way, Joe Scarborough amplified and continued it this morning. “It” is the newly minted narrative about the difference between Manchin and Sinema.  Both are holding up essential legislation to maintain a half-decent society.  But, one is doing so as a statesman and the other isContinue reading “GUESS WHO IS “MYSTERIOUS AND IRRATIONAL?” MANCHIN OR SINEMA?”

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Georgia is not a beacon of hope, it’s a disaster

Pease Listen to Bernie and Stop Listening to MSNBC

MORNING THOUGHTS   MSNBC is no longer a news channel.  It is a channel where the corporate Democratic strategists talk to each other and try to convince the rest of us that what they want to be true is true.   Morning Joe was devoted today to everything about every candidate in New Hampshire exceptContinue reading “Pease Listen to Bernie and Stop Listening to MSNBC”