• Joe (“stunningly superficial”) Scarborough is joining the other Republicans in calling for a cessation of regulations on the fossil fuel industry so we can establish “energy independence.”  Fox News has been pumping this line today.
  • Additionally in FOX, the “expert” called Putin a “communist.”  I. Just. Can’t.
  • Zelensky wanted to know earlier in the day how many Ukrainians had to die before we implement a no-fly zone.  How many?


  • The question of cutting off the oil and gas from Russia. 
  • Increase drilling here.  That’s the position of the Republicans.
  • Bill McKibben interviewed.   Making the argument that cutting off the oil and gas is worth it even if gasoline costs more.  
  • The Defense Act would allow Biden to buy climate friendly supplies that would cut down the need for oil and gas.


  •  Kharkiv under constant bombardment.
  • “How far will you go to defend your freedom, your dignity?”  That’s the best question Erin Burnett can come up with.  This is People Magazine interviewing. 
  • Shelling near nuclear power plant.  Civilians try to block access to the town.
  • There is a large fire at the power plant, but nobody knows which buildings are on fire.
  • “A gradual turning up of the heat.”  Clarissa Ward describing what the Russians are doing. 
  • More than 1 million people have now had to leave Ukraine.  People are meeting them at the borders, offering homes and assistance.
  • Putin met with his security council, talked again about “denazification” of Ukraine.  After a phone call between Putin and the French president, the French said that the worst was yet to come.  And, that Putin plans to take over all over Ukraine.
  • Seven sanctioned today.  Visa restrictions for over forty.  (Note: Earlier today there was a tweet claiming that most of those sanctioned were not important as well as an article about the Biden administration exempting Bank Swiss from sanctions. 


  • Fox News is on Kamala Harris tonight.  She has, according to a guest of Tucker Carlson, been disrespectful to us.  Biden has also been disrespectful for picking her to be Vice President.
  • The Russians have just been shelling near a nuclear facility, but Carlson has to spend time talking about something Kamala Harris said.
  • This is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.  Russians are blocking fire workers getting in there to work.  There are six nuclear reactors.  They supply ¼ of Ukraine’s power.
  • They are going to shut down the country. 
  • Carlson is complaining about the amount of money Biden is spending on Ukraine as opposed to our border.  As I said, the Russians just shelled and started a fire at a nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia, Southeast Ukraine.
  • OMG Sebastian Gorka, hawking some pain relief substance.   In this ad, he is walking near the Washington Monument.  Jesus, these people never stop grifting.  Oh, now Mike Lindell.  I can’t.


  • 480 Bombs have been dropped on cities in Ukraine.
  • Woman living in Florida saw a truck flying an American and a Russian flag.
  • Gary Kasparov: We watch live “…Putin commit genocide on an industrial scale…while the most powerful military alliance in history stands aside.”
  • Georgia and Moldova have applied to join the EU.
  • We are told we cannot see the video showing bodies in Ukraine.  People need to see that this is not a video game.
  • It’s the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.
  • The production company behind RT America, says it’s ceasing production.

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