Monday Corporate News Notes


Morning News:

Morning Joe

  • The talk is about the Democratic voter “malaise.”  One reason for this might be that the Democrats refused to do anything to protect democracy.  Garland is still sitting on prosecutions of higher up people who orchestrated a coup.  He has already let the statute of limitations run out of other crimes.  What makes Democrats think they are worth anybody getting excited about?
  • Trump, referring to Pelosi, said “Yeah, how’s she doing?”  He was making light of the situation where Pelosi’s husband was almost fatally attacked.
  • Trump is talking about the Chinese “president-for life” Xi and what a good relationship he has with the “king.”
  • Xi is consolidating power in China, targeting press people.
  • Trump loves authoritarians.
  • Evangelicalism
  • David French is on Morning Joe talking about the toxic mix between evangelicalism and the Republican party.  Talks about the Flynn roving circus show (note: which includes stabbing an imaginary arrow into the ground so that you will win the coming election).  “An active angry fringe that is being” stoked every day.
  • Scarborough maintains that this “subset” of the evangelical church is not the whole church and most are not engaging in political hate speech.  (Note: Right.) Now Scarborough is reading bible

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