Tweeting at @cjjohns1951 Regular Ukraine Updates, please subscribe MONDAY 2 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE, 9:30 am Day 66 CNN Kharkiv is a disaster.  The general who was infamous for his operations in Syria, Gerasimov, is not in charge of the eastern front.  Lavrov compared Yelensky to Hitler.  He also said that Russia was “degasifying” Ukraine. Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE”


On Twitter: @cjjohns1951 MONDAY 4 APRIL 2022, 9:30 PM KYIV INDEPENDENT Germany has admitted that the policy of establishing Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was a mistake. The bodies of men who appear to have been tortured were discovered in the basement of a children’s health resort in Bucha. Pro-Russian party stages fake mayor electionsContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE:”

“Over-the-Horizon” Foreign Policy” Afghanistan

Pundit after pundit in the corporate media has given the U.S. military enormous credit for coming clean and admitting to the world that they made a “mistake” with the drone strike that killed 10 people in Afghanistan, including 7 children. It seems evident, however, that the military would have never admitted the tragic error hadContinue reading ““Over-the-Horizon” Foreign Policy” Afghanistan”

Interesting Books: Patriotic Dissent

You can listen to an interview with the author on the podcast “Scheer Intelligence.”        

Julian Assange: Not the Corporate Media

If you would like to consider a non-corporate media perspective on Julian Assange, this podcast is a good entry.  It is an interview with British journalist, Tariq Ali.  There is a link Ali’s book below. Podcast: Sheer Report by Robert Sheet