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MONDAY 4 APRIL 2022, 9:30 PM


  • Germany has admitted that the policy of establishing Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was a mistake.
  • The bodies of men who appear to have been tortured were discovered in the basement of a children’s health resort in Bucha.
  • Pro-Russian party stages fake mayor elections in partly occupied Mariupol.
  • The Russian military controls part of Mariupol.
  • 355 dogs died in animal shelters because food and water couldn’t be brought to them.
  • Kuleba: “This is a plea of the victims of rape, torture, murder, their relatives, and the entire Ukrainian nation.” The plea is for the strictest sanctions.
  • Germany expels 40 Russian diplomats in response to Bucha.
  • The Ukrainian General Staff says that Russians use civilians’ labor to build fortifications in Kherson.
  • US to ask UN General Assembly to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

MSNBC: Joy Reid

  • Velshi:
  • Russia and the America right are claiming that the dead and tortured bodies in Bucha are fake.  Then, when satellite images showed up to prove that the bodies were there when the Russians occupied the region, they started saying that the people who did the satellite images were faking them.
  • France has expelled Russian diplomats.
  • Bucha has changed the tone.  People were talking about talks and diplomacy, but this has changed the tone for Ukrainians.  What will the west do?
  • Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Inna Sovsun: Whether Russians are made to pay the price for the killing depends on the courts.  Those proceedings take time and cooperation from the Russian side.  I hope Putin will not be there forever.  We will seek for justice.  Bucha is close to Kyiv.  She would go for a walk to Bucha for a walk. 
  • Note: Joy Reid asked Sovsun what it was like to see people who had been killed and who were “just like you.” 
  • Sovsun: “This is random.  It could have been any of us.”  It is happening in other cities.  We are just asking for investigation.  “please help us stop the crimes…”  We need more weapons, not sanctions.
  • Reid: Red Cross prevented getting into Mariupol.  What can be done?
  • Amna Nawaz, PBS: Sources are sending images that are just too horrifying and even describing them is inhumane.  (Note: Why?)  Senior officials say they will be rolling out more sanctions.  Humanitarian aid if they can get it in.  Those sanctions will take time.  How much time?  Jake Sullivan said, it would be “protracted” and we could be talking about months.  “That changes the conversation.” 
  • The International Criminal Court is conducting an investigation of crimes in Ukraine. 


  • “Will Mariupol and Bucha become a point of no return for the world? After which it sill stop thinking about endless “compromises” with the killers? Or will they be just another “shocking content” to be blocked on social networks before a regular delicious dinner?”
  • “We need more weapons to continue our fight and hold accountable those responsible for Bucha.”
  • “Russians want to conquer Kharkiv to prepare a large-scale assault in the EasternUkraine.”
  • Russian soldiers sent home things they looted in Ukraine.  Some sent over 400 KG each, including equipment, tables, tents, TVs, etc.
  • Velika Dymerka liberated from Russians.  They killed the dogs.  The dogs are lined up on the street as if they were called or offered food and then killed.

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