Moaning, lamenting and hand-wringing will change nothing. It’s time to start misbehaving.

THURSDAY 26 MAY 2022 @cjjohns1951 GUNS As long as we allow politicians to sell themselves to the highest bidder, politicians will sell themselves to the highest bidder.  We must expand the Supreme Court and decrease the influence of money on the political system.  Look at the figures showing how much congresspeople make while in office. Continue reading “Moaning, lamenting and hand-wringing will change nothing. It’s time to start misbehaving.”


MONDAY 18 APRIL 2022 Joe Scarborough took his audience through a detailed analysis of how the events in Ukraine are like the suffering of the Christian Christ from Friday to Sunday.  The dreaded Mika sat beside him staring with adoration.  Best Scarborough quote, said with the injured pride of the religious right: “I believe becauseContinue reading “MORNING JOE AND UKRAINE”

The “Fake Narrative”: Helping Ukraine is Arming Fascists

Ukraine Various news sources are reporting that Putin has decided and communicated with his military that he is going to invade Ukraine.  Others are reporting that Biden told allies last night that they thought Putin was going to invade.  Jake Sullivan, earlier today, warned Americans to get out of Ukraine if they could.  Olga Rudenko,Continue reading “The “Fake Narrative”: Helping Ukraine is Arming Fascists”

There are Two Sides: Ukraine

Sunday 30 January 2022 MSNBC reported this morning that part of the Russian build-up on the Ukrainian border is transporting blood to the front lines.  Yesterday’s reports were a more general “medical supplies.”  This cannot be a good sign. Aljazeera is reporting that the UK is considering a “major NATO deployment.”  Boris Johnson was quotedContinue reading “There are Two Sides: Ukraine”


It started last night and then in a totally predictable way, Joe Scarborough amplified and continued it this morning. “It” is the newly minted narrative about the difference between Manchin and Sinema.  Both are holding up essential legislation to maintain a half-decent society.  But, one is doing so as a statesman and the other isContinue reading “GUESS WHO IS “MYSTERIOUS AND IRRATIONAL?” MANCHIN OR SINEMA?”

DC Rally and the Corporate Media

Despite several Twitter friends who repeatedly tell me to stop torturing myself by watching the corporate news channels, I can’t help myself. DC Rally The corporate news has spent weeks and untold hours of air time fretting about the right-wing rally today in Washington.  It’s almost 2 PM, and there are not more than aContinue reading “DC Rally and the Corporate Media”

“it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan

During the past few weeks the corporate news media has been studiously ignoring the disastrous military and humanitarian crisis shaping up in Afghanistan.  They have been doing so, I think, because the crisis makes Biden look feckless, ruthless, and incompetent.  For so long, there was almost nothing on the corporate news, but every day itContinue reading ““it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan”

opinion: charles blow, voting rights and biden

It is a sad comment on the state of our politics that Charles Blow feels the necessity to apologize for a mild, but crucial criticism of the Biden Administration.

haiti: some of what we know

The corporate media no longer finds it necessary to cover international stories.  We are treated to video after video of Biden boarding a plane to go somewhere, but the assassination of the President of Haiti is barely mentioned. The assassination of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moise, was barely covered last week.  From what I have read,Continue reading “haiti: some of what we know”