Morning News Notes


Morning News Notes:

  • The corporate media is obsessed, obsessed with Santos.  But this is what the country has become, a country of grifters, grifters who are admired and funded for the expertise of their grift.  The Trump era attracts grifters and politics has become the most lucrative place not only to grift, but to protect oneself from accountability.
  • The corporate media is also obsessed with the “crisis on the border” story.  They join Fox News in reporting this “crisis” with no context, no framework in which to understand the problem.  People are going to migrate.  My partner and I are in this country because they left Ireland and Scotland looking for a better life.  Wealthy countries have two choices.  Either they develop the economies and the democracy in Latin and South America, or they deal with massive immigration.  Unless you are willing to mine the border and post military on every inch (which I suspect the Republicans would love) you cannot stop immigration.
  • In a similar vein, advanced western societies have no choice but to help defend Ukraine.  I cannot for the life of me understand people who feel as if Ukrainians are disposable because helping to defend them might cause a rise in gas prices.  What does that say about people in this country?
  • This most recent attack is estimated to have been the largest since the beginning of the war.  They are expecting a new wave of mobilizations in Russia.  Russian soldiers are being told that they can freeze their sperm in case they are killed.  They have also been promised debt relief and other financial perks.

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