It is day 100 in the war against Ukraine.  People are dying every day for the right to determine their own futures.  In the United States, we are killing each other at an alarming rate because we refuse to stop an electoral system that is bought off by big money interests.

The corporate media has bored of the war against Ukraine even as it descends into an even more gruesome phase.  While the corporate media spends time covering a car race and two movie stars who seem equally loathsome, more and more people die in Ukraine partly because we are too afraid to send them adequate weapons to defend themselves.  American worry about split ends while other people fight for their every existence.  What kind of people have we become?

Tonight the latest update on the never-ending and futile process of indicting and investigating former Trump era low levels continues.  The Jan. 6 Committee plans to tell us the story of the Trump coup which we already know by heart.  More investigations, more committees, more showboating and no action. 

The Justice Department has launched an effort to tell us what went wrong in Uvalde and what processes can be implemented to prevent another shooting.  Everybody knows it’s bullshit and nobody says so.  All the training, all the categories of shooting (active shooter, barricaded hostage situation) did nothing but enrich trainers and companies who write protocols.  And, nothing changes.

I am tired.  I am disgusted.



  • Russians steal metal supplies from Mariupol and plan to restore grain loading terminal to steal grain from Ukraine.
  • In occupied Mariupol, Russians excluded the Ukrainian language from schools.  Brought in teacher from St. Petersburg to teach Russian.
  • 100 days of the war against Ukraine.
  • In February and March, Russian troops ransacked labs near Chornobyl and stole equipment worth $135 million.
  • The Russians have destroyed Mariupol, Volnovakha, Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Popasna, Lyman.  The people who lived there have nothing to return to.
  • Russian Propaganda narratives:
  • Russian propaganda: New weapons supplied by the U.S. are intended to be used to strike inside Russia.
  • Russian propaganda: Ukraine plans to use weapons to strike inside Ukraine and blame it on the Russians.
  • Russian propaganda: Zelensky can now “kill thousands of people at once.”
  • Russian propaganda; Poland is occupying parts of Ukraine.
  • Russian propaganda? “Nazi ideology is hammered into Ukrainian teenagers through school textbooks.”


  • Putin was treated for “advanced cancer” in April.
  • There was an attempt on Putin’s life in March.

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