SATURDAY 14 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: PODCAST Anyone seriously interested in the implications of and the events around the war against Ukraine, must seek out the various excellent podcasts on the subject.  The corporate news is hopeless as a source of information and is by and large a waste of time.  Coverage of the warContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: PODCAST”

Update Ukraine 7:30 PM 1:30 PM

While many people are concerned about the implications of a Russian take over of Chornobyl, a commentator on MSNBC points out that the danger is more likely to come from the operational nuclear plants in Ukraine. Note: How long has this story been in the news and Katy Tur (MSNBC) doesn’t know where Chernobyl is. Continue reading “Update Ukraine 7:30 PM 1:30 PM”

a “bad day”

It has been days since I have watched corporate TV news.  I have been reading, writing, painting and binge-watching Dickens, Trollope, and Austen on Amazon Prime.  Every time I turn on the corporate news I find CNN hosts interviewing other CNN hosts about their new books.  On MSNBC, I find people like Jason “Island ofContinue reading “a “bad day””

Disaster Economics: Part 1

The more useless the corporate news media becomes, the more essential it is to find good, informative podcasts. Today, I listened to a podcast from Pitchfork Economics called “Disaster Economics.”  It’s worth 100 hours of listening to the gossip of Nicolle Wallace, the geek coronavirus obsession of Rachael Maddow, or the endless inspirational anecdotes ofContinue reading “Disaster Economics: Part 1”