Update Ukraine 7:30 PM 1:30 PM

  • While many people are concerned about the implications of a Russian take over of Chornobyl, a commentator on MSNBC points out that the danger is more likely to come from the operational nuclear plants in Ukraine.
  • Note: How long has this story been in the news and Katy Tur (MSNBC) doesn’t know where Chernobyl is. 
  • Note: Nothing reveals the utter stupidity of corporate media pundits like having to carry on an unscripted conversation about anything outside this country. 
  • Most of Europe has now agreed to remove Russia from the SWIFT banking system.  The U.S was (even up to this afternoon) using their objections to cover for its own unwillingness to upset the economic apple cart for the elite.  The corporate media has fallen in lock step with the narrative that removal of Russia from swift 1) isn’t as effective as it was cracked up to be and 2) could be done if it weren’t for the objections of the Europeans. 
  • There has been an announcement that certain Russian banks will be removed from SWIFT.
  • The Ukrainians would not be asking for a removal of Russia from SWIFT if it weren’t effective. 

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