News Notes

Monday 2 January 2023


  • MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace noted tonight that the DOJ was receiving “undue pressure” to prosecute Trump and his minions.  Jesus how ignorant when her program nightly goes through crimes committed by Trump and his people. 
  • Emails released today by the Jan. 6 Committee show Trump staffers bemoaning their dismal employment prospects after the Jan. 6 coup attempt.  Sad that participating in a coup damages your job prospects.  One woman said she had been crying for hours over the loss (of her career).
  • Jan. 6 was not an “intelligence failure.” This is a cop out on a grand scale.  The lack of law enforcement at the capital was the result of deliberate actions on the part of government officials.  Since we can’t hold anybody accountable, it becomes an “intelligence failure” for which nobody is responsible.  Therefore, it will happen again.
  • There were pro-Russian demonstrations in Mali over the weekend. Russia has invested heavily in unstable governments in Africa.
  • According to the Washington Post, the Pentagon sent security teams to protect high-level officers in the military on Jan. 6.  They did not send these teams to the capitol.  (
  • A good part of a segment on Nicolle Wallace tonight is detailing all the information available to the government about the possibility of violence on Jan. 6.  But, nobody will come to the obvious conclusion – the EVIDENCE, INFORMATION, INTELLIGENCE WAS IGNORED.  It wasn’t some kind of vague, nebulous, “intelligence failure.”  Information, intelligence was ignored because the men in the position to do something, politically agreed with the perpetrators.  Jesus, how can it be clearer?
  • Right-wing media is full of complaints about the Proud Boys members being tried in D.C.  According to them, “everybody” knows that you can’t get a fair trial in D.C.
  • Washington Post ( )reports that defense attorneys of the five Proud Boys being tried in D.C. “are looking for jurors who not only lack a negative perception of the Proud Boys but express no strong feelings about the Holocaust, the Black Lives Matter movement, women’s rights or gay rights.”  What kind of imbeciles are they going to wind up with?  Holocaust?  What Holocaust?  No, I don’t have strong feelings about that, whatever it is.”
  • This country is driving me mad.

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