UKRAINE UPDATE: Fighting in the East

THURSDAY 5 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: CNN Besieged Ukrainians inside the steel plant in Mariupol refuse to surrender.  NATO has refused to help.  These brave fighters have occupied Russian military force and kept it from being moved to other parts of the country. Missile strike in Kramatorsk, no one killed.  The Russians are having aContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: Fighting in the East”


MONDAY 11 APRIL 2022, 3:30 PM – UKRAINE UPDATE CNN: Zelensky: “They want to make an example out of Mariupol.” Russians have used chemical weapons in Mariupol, according to Dmytro Gurin, Ukrainian Parliament Member.  We have a choice, finish this war on the territory of Ukraine or on the territory of the EU.  Everybody isContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: CHEMICAL WEAPONS IN MARIUPOL”


Blog Notes: 10:30 AM AFP News Agency: Serious strikes in Kharkiv (evidently pronounced Har-kiv) directly in front of a government building.  Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city.  On the eastern side of Ukraine. The strike killed an estimated 10 people.  Russian troops have reportedly entered the southern city of Kherson (near Odesa on Black sea.Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE:”