UKRAINE UPDATE: Listening to the Truth


Quote of the Day:  At the UN, after the Russian Ambassador walked out of a meeting: “Maybe it’s easier not to listen to the truth.”



  • After the USA and the UK promised to send Ukraine longer range and more precise weapons, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news conference:  ‘You don’t wont to even listen to our arguments.”   “The longer the range of the systems that will be delivered, the further we will move back the Natis from that line from which threats to Russian’speakers and the Russian Federation may come.”
  • At the UN Security Council, The Russian UN Ambassador stormed out of a meeting after Russia was accused of purposefully generating a food crisis, driving up food prices and destabilizing entire regions. “Russia is solely responsible for this food crisis.”  Charles Michel, European Council president said directly to the Russian Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia.  When Nebenzia got up and walked out, Machel continued.  “You may leave the room.  Maybe it’s easier not to listen to the truth.”    
  • It is difficult to know what is happening in Donetsk at the moment.

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