MONDAY 11 APRIL 2022, 3:30 PM –



  • Zelensky: “They want to make an example out of Mariupol.”
  • Russians have used chemical weapons in Mariupol, according to Dmytro Gurin, Ukrainian Parliament Member.  We have a choice, finish this war on the territory of Ukraine or on the territory of the EU.  Everybody is asking for offensive weapons.  They are saying maybe we can do it in six-weeks.  No that will be too late.  The Russians are saying what they are going to do.  Now they are saying that all Ukrainians are Nazis. 
  • (Note: Anchor has little time to listen to Ukrainian who unabashedly complains that the West is not supplying enough weapons.  Anchor counters, well your president says you’re “ready” for the Russian attack.  If Ukrainians speak directly to the fact that the West is not supplying enough support, the anchors have little time for them and try to cut them off.  I have been astounded at how focused and non-accusatory the Ukrainians have been in the Western media.  I wonder if now that things are becoming worse and have been going on for so long, that tone will change.  Americans have very little tolerance for criticism.  Everyone wants to believe that the US is a hero in every situation.  They maintain this delusion while we sit on our hands and watch Russia kill and rape and take over a country.)


  • Polish PM says EU sanctions are too weak, calls for stronger ones.  Mateusz Morawiecki said on April 11 that the sanctions not only failed to stop Russia from pursuing its war but also stimulated some of Russia’s economic processes instead of ruining its economy.
  • Ukrainan security service says it detained Russian agent who worked in Poroshenko’s administration.  He used to work at Ex-President Petro Poroshenko’s administration and the general staff.  His task was to get classified information.
  • Russian proxies call for using chemical weapons in Mariupol. 
  • Rusian troops unsuccessfully try to move further into Ukraine.  The offensive operations are taking place in Donesk.
  • Russia’s capital outflow reaches $64 billion since January.  Foreign investors heavily withdrew their assets from Russia due to its war against Ukraine.
  • Lavrov (who Trump hosted in the Oval Office secretly) called the mass graves in Ukraine “staged.”

TWITTER: Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

  • (Note: Harding is an essential source of reporting and reading.)
  • Russia is using drone-dropped chemical weapons to wipe out the last remaining Ukrainian army resistance inside Mariupol. 

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