UKRAINE UPDATE: Fighting in the East




  • Besieged Ukrainians inside the steel plant in Mariupol refuse to surrender.  NATO has refused to help.  These brave fighters have occupied Russian military force and kept it from being moved to other parts of the country.
  • Missile strike in Kramatorsk, no one killed. 
  • The Russians are having a hard time breaking through the front lines in the east so they are going back to bombing civilian targets.
  • Former Ambassador to Ukraine John E. Herbst:  The US has been “slow and late” with assistance.  Israel has been criticized for staying on the sidelines about the war.  The Israelis have a reason to publicly say that Putin apologized.
  • Putin apologized to the Israelis for the comments of Lavrov about Jewish people. 
  • Reports that Ukrainians have used US intelligence to kill generals.  John Kirby is saying that the US has not given targeting information to the Ukraine, that the Ukrainians have information of their own. 


  • Whoever is talking to the NYT about US intelligence and targeting generals should stop talking about it.  It makes the Ukrainians look like they can’t run their own war, according to Michael McFaul.  (Note: I also think it looks like the US is bragging.)

NEW YORK TIMES: “Anti-Putin Russians are leaving…”

  • Russia is designating some as “foreign agents” and thereby making living in Russia untenable.
  • More than 400 people or organizations have been designated foreign agents since 2020.  New names are announced virtually every Friday.
  • There is no prior warning, nor any explanation.
  • The designation means opposition figures outside the country will not return.
  • The designation extends not only to political figures but to “technology specialists, entrepreneurs, designers, actors and financiers.”
  • Six people associated with a rare private university have been charged with embezzling public funds.
  • Leaflets were hung in the neighborhood of one of the targets featuring her face and saying; “She Supports Ukrainian Nazis.”
  • This woman stated: “…the public sphere in Russia will be largely cleaned, purged of its liberal, humanistic elements.”
  • Putin has publicly stated that those who identified with Western values are “scum and traitors.”  Peskov has stated that “cleansing” would happen naturally.
  • “The most recent additions to the list…have been…journalists and gay rights activists.”
  • “Those designated must put the label prominently on all their work…and file frequent, and onerous, financial disclosure forms.”


  • EU seeks to sanction Putin’s rumored mistress.  Alina Kabaeva is a former gymnast.
  • Japan is increasing the reliance on nuclear power to reduce dependence on Russian energy.
  • Ukraine is asking for the extradition of pro-Kremlin blogger Anatoly Shariy from Spain.  Shariy was arrested on treason charges and then a Spanish court released him with travel restrictions.
  • Ukrainian authorities sat Shariy has been spreading disinformation to harm Ukraine’s national security, while being paid by Russia.
  • Shariy has lived in exile in EU since 2012.  He founded a political party that was banned in February. 
  • A 15-year-old was killed while trying to help evacuate animals from the Feldman Ecopark.  The owner is Oleksandr Feldman.
  • Russians shell Russian Orthodox monastery in Donetsk.
  • Fierce battles still continue near Popasna, Kreminna and Torske in Luhansk. 
  • Chornobaivka mayor hospitalized.  His deputy was kidnapped by Russians.
  • The Mayor of the village Ihor Dudar was hospitalized after encounter with Russian troops.  (Note: It appears that troops are targeting local officials when they take over an area.)
  • Ukraine’s biggest thermal power plant has stopped due to coal shortage.
  • Canadian embassy to return to Ukraine.


  • Ukraine has begun to counterattack in Kharkiv and Izium.  Russia’s main focus is now in the Luhansk direction: Popasna, Kreminna, Torske.
  • Russian forces stormed the Azovstal Plant and managed to break inside the facility.


  • is reporting that lobbyists disclosed an unprecedented $1 billion haul in 2022’s first quarter.  (Note: This is absurd.)

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