MONDAY 14 MARCH 2022 Another day of destruction in Ukraine.  The Pentagon, through Kirby, is saying over and over again that we will not put soldiers into Ukraine or establish a no fly zone.  So, another day, we sit and watch Ukraine being destroyed.  As a number of people have pointed out, this is aContinue reading “uKRAINE UPDATE:”

Ukraine: Notes from Last Night

UKRAINE, Wednesday Night: There will be jets from Poland and no No-Fly zone.  I had to turn off the bullshit from Kirby at the Pentagon.  I cannot sit and listen to the U.S. government insulting our intelligence by telling us that the situation would be worse if we implemented a no=fly zone.  Alexander Vindman, TedContinue reading “Ukraine: Notes from Last Night”


BLOG NOTES: UKRAINE UPDATE 4:00 est CNN Why did Russians feel they needed to move into towns near Black Sea?  Russian forces are going into towns.  Videos display abusive treatment. Black Sea is a vital part of Ukrainian economy.  Talking again about Putin’s “erratic and irrational behavior.”  What the intelligence community is looking at.  ThatContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: 4 pm EST”

Ukraine Update

Interfax: 2/14/22 There is a report that the Russian Duma is going to vote on 2/15/22 on “two resolutions asking for Putin to recognize the independence of the “self-proclaimed republics of Donbas”  This will kill Minsk and open the way for Putin to invade Ukraine. Other reports: Ukrainian International Airlines is moving seven of itsContinue reading “Ukraine Update”

“it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan

During the past few weeks the corporate news media has been studiously ignoring the disastrous military and humanitarian crisis shaping up in Afghanistan.  They have been doing so, I think, because the crisis makes Biden look feckless, ruthless, and incompetent.  For so long, there was almost nothing on the corporate news, but every day itContinue reading ““it was not the outcome we had anticipated”: afghanistan”


While corporate media pundits spend time interviewing each other about interviews they have done ( Lemon interviewing Tapper about his interview with Biden, dogs sniffing assholes)  and touting their books (Maddow and Scarborough), Trump has dangerously upped the ante in the crime spree that has been the Trump/Republican administration.  They are stealing billions from theContinue reading “THE DEVIL HIMSELF: ERIK PRINCE”

erik prince: the devil himself, a classified contract with your money

The reporting is that Trump’s new buffoon appointments in the Pentagon have awarded EriK Prince (read, the Devil) a classified contract to run mercenary operations in Africa. This is the best book out there about the true depth of corruption and violence represented by Erik Prince.