Ukraine: Notes from Last Night

KIEV, UKRAINE – OCTOBER 01: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks to the media on October 1, 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukraine has been at the core of a political storm in U.S. politics since the release of a whistleblower’s complaint suggesting U.S. President Donald Trump, at the expense of U.S. foreign policy, pressured Ukraine to investigate Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, and Biden’s son, Hunter. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

UKRAINE, Wednesday Night:

There will be jets from Poland and no No-Fly zone.  I had to turn off the bullshit from Kirby at the Pentagon.  I cannot sit and listen to the U.S. government insulting our intelligence by telling us that the situation would be worse if we implemented a no=fly zone. 

Alexander Vindman, Ted Lieu and others are saying that this idiotic narrative that we can’t figure out how to transport some fighter jets to Ukraine is just that, idiotic.


  • There has been a strike on a hospital in Mariupol.  No food, no water, no heat
  • Zelensky talked about the “genocide” of the Ukrainian people.
  • More coverage on the heartlessness of Putin.  (Note: I don’t care about the heartlessness of Putin or whether what he is doing fits the definition of “genocide.”  I care about doing something about it.)
  • Russians are claiming that the Americans are protecting chemical weapons manufacture in Ukraine. (Note: Earlier today I saw on a program I taped from RT, the crawl line said that Americans were only trying to protect their chemical weapons plants in Ukraine.)
  • There are warnings that Putin plans to use chemical weapons in Ukraine.
  • Zelensky says they need more aircraft.
  • The Pentagon has rejected a proposal to provide those planes.
  • (Note: I am disgusted).
  • Interview with mayor Alexander Senkevich, of Mykol, Ukraine.  They have used cluster bombs to kill our people. 
  • Wolf Blitzer is emoting about “horrific” photographs of children.  (Note: That does us a lot of good.)
  • Wolf Blitzer: How are your citizens holding up?  (Note: This is the best he can do?)
  • Note: I am increasingly disgusted an embarrassed by the questions being asked these people who are being attacked and killed every day.  “How are you doing?”  Jesus.  Now, he’s saying: “Good luck.”


  • “This is a fight for our planet to be a peaceful place and not a place of war.”  Ambassador to the U.S. from Ukraine, Ms.  Markarova.  We need more help.  “Putin will not stop in Ukraine.”
  • (Note: What is the point of news anchors repeatedly asking “How long can Ukraine hold out?”)
  • Markarova answers with a calm that I certainly would never have been able to maintain:  The question is not how long Ukraine can hold out but how long it is going to take the West to do something about it.

MSNBC: Chris Hayes

  • A children’s hospital has been attacked. 
  • Zelensky renews calls on closing the sky.  A reporter says to Zelensky that the west maintains that a no-fly zone or supplying them with jets would make the situation worse.  “What does it mean worse?” Zelensky replies. Worse for whom?”  (Note: I just don’t see how reporters can ask these questions.)
  • Zelensky: “Nobody knows…in future you will be too late….they will close the sky but we will lose millions of people.”
  • Hayes: That attack on the maternity hospital “should never have happened.”  Hayes’ argument is that they should have already taken the country?  (Note: What?) 
  • Showing Haines, DNI, testifying about “an ill constructed plan” by the Russians.    
  • Russia has the second largest air force in the world.
  • Turkey is supplying armed drones.
  • Hayes: “It’s not clear that it is achieving any tactical objectives.”  He’s talking about the bombing of Kharkiv.  (Note: It is achieving a tactical objective, terrorizing the population, driving people out).
  • Showing Blinken: Talking about Putin’s war: “To what end?….Failures of the initial military plan.”  “strategy of laying waste to the…country.”
  • Two million people have fled the country, half of them are children.  In two weeks.
  • Russian toll is around 2-4,000 Russian soldiers.  2,500 Americans were killed in Afghanistan in 20 years.  15,000 Russian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in 10 years.  This was in less than two weeks. 
  • Cal Perry in Lviv.  Mariupol, has been on Ukrainian television all day.  Mayor estimates that 1200 civilians have been killed.  They dug a mass grave because they didn’t have the time to bury everyone individually.  In Kharkiv, no power, no water, no heat.  Chernobyl has been cut off the IAEA monitoring system as has another nuclear power plant.  We don’t know what has been happening at Chernobyl for 10, 12 days.  We are expecting a false flag operation perhaps involving chemical weapons.
  • Interview with Stavridis: “There is no method but a great deal of madness.”  “It makes me heartsick.”  Putin is “frustrated by the failure of his generals, frustrated by the failure of logistics….”  The damage we are seeing if from artillery, some large range missiles.  They are not going after specific military targets.  The aviation side is not significant.  If the Ukrainians had tactical weapons they could go after that convoy that is stopped.  The quickest way to get at it is fighter jets.  That’s why I support getting the jets from Poland to the Ukrainians.  “There are no forgone conclusions in war.”    

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