Ukraine Update

Interfax: 2/14/22

There is a report that the Russian Duma is going to vote on 2/15/22 on “two resolutions asking for Putin to recognize the independence of the “self-proclaimed republics of Donbas”  This will kill Minsk and open the way for Putin to invade Ukraine.

Other reports:

  • Ukrainian International Airlines is moving seven of its 25 planes out of the country “at the request of lessors.”
  • Spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby is being asked about potential refugees from Ukraine.
  • Anne Applebaum is calling for the British to announce the names and addresses of Russian oligarchs in London who will be sanctioned and whose sources of income and donations to the Tory party are under investigation. Twitter
  • Richard Engel on MSNBC is reporting that several European media outlets had been claiming that the Russian attack could come on the 16th.  Zelensky gave a speech in which he referenced the 16th, but his office is now saying that he was referencing those media reports, not his own evaluation.
  • Ukraine has requested 12,000 anti-tank missiles from Germany.
  • Richard Engel notes that Putin wants to get rid of Zelensky and get a more compliant government in Kyiv.

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