• Why did Russians feel they needed to move into towns near Black Sea?  Russian forces are going into towns.  Videos display abusive treatment.
  • Black Sea is a vital part of Ukrainian economy. 
  • Talking again about Putin’s “erratic and irrational behavior.”  What the intelligence community is looking at.  That the intelligence community is looking at Putin’s state of mind is not surprising.  That is very different from implying that Putin is “unstable” “mentally ill” “irrational.” 
  • 3:17 PM “less rational, more erratic”  Talking about Putin, the blond host.
  • Menendez “bubble: “reality is not one whichhe’s explosed to.”  “questions about what his mind set is.”  “irratioinal?….open book”


  • Katy Tur: Putin has brought up nuclear arms.  “Sources tell NBC news” that Putin is “increasingly frustrated” and is “lashing out” at those in his inner circle.  She talks about a “cornered and isolated” Putin.
  • Arms Control Expert Interview: “trying to encourage NATO and the United States not to intervene.” 


  • Explosions in Kyiv destroy historic building in center and hospital.
  • The Mayor of Kharkiv says the city is surrounded.
  • In Kyiv, a mille stuck the main TV tower.  There is no longer TV in Kyiv, one of Zelensky’s ways of contacting people.
  • Massive military 40-mile-convoy headed towards Kyiv.
  • The Pentagon says that the Russian forces are stalled and facing shortages of food and fuel, but that they are reorganizing.
  • Some Russian troops were not even told that they would be in combat.
  • 660,000 refugees according to the UN.
  • The attacks have to stop before there is meaningful peace talks, says Zelensky.
  • Cal Perry from Lviv, Ukraine: The war has reached everybody now.  The estimate of the population has changed since the start of the war.  Now it is that Putin is coming for their lives.  They want a no-fly zone. 
  • Ukrainian female journalist confronting Boris Johnson: People are asking for the no-fly zone.  What is the alternative?  Putin’s children are in Netherlands. 
  • Jack Crosbie reporting for Rolling Stone, Dnipro, Ukraine:  The people are not thinking “like politicians.”   The rest of Ukraine will find it more difficult to see now that the TV tower has been taken out.  There is a new strategy as Russians realize that their first strategy is not working (fast take over of Kyiv).  This means a “vast amount of more death.”
  • 4:50 PM
  • Keir Simmons, Moscow: Putin is “lashing out.”  Russia is clamping down on ability to hear what is happening.  Wikipedia page is being threatened because of a page that describes an “invasion.”  Also two of the more independent news stations have been blocked.  Medvedev chastised a French official. 
  • Julia Ioffe tweeted about a pharmacy tweeting out a warning in Russia about soldiers’ deaths. 


  • Interviewing woman from Ukraine.  Personal story.  This woman was introduced by saying that she wanted the U.s. to do more.


  • “Russa is planning a major psychological operation to try to persuade Ukrainians to capitulate…”
  • The defense minister said that Rusia was preparing to cut off a large part of Ukraine from the internet.
  • Russian missiles struck targets with zero military value.  This included an opera house and a ballet theatre.  They also struck Kharkiv’s recently opened zoo. 
  • A convoy of Belarusian armoured vehicles were headed toward Kyiv.
  • “Strikes against civilians now appear to be deliberate policy.”
  • More than 70 soldiers were killed when Russian artillery hit a military base in Okhtyrka.”
  • Mariupol has been surrounded.  The city is without electricity.
  • Melitopol is now under Russian occupation.

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