FRIDAY 13 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: CNN There are wounded inside the steel plant in Mariupol.  It is believed that all the civilians are all out.  The Russians keep shelling the plant. Russian troops have withdrawn around Kharkiv and destroyed bridges. Destroying the bridges means that the Russians have given up attempts to occupy Kharkiv,Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE”


SATURDAY 23 APRIL 2022 UKRAINE MSNBC, 4:00 PM Mariupol Mayor says that mass grave could hold as much as 9,000 bodies.  East of Mariupol.  Another one West of Mariupol.  Missile strike on Odesa.  Russians claim that they are going to conquer the entire southern coast of Ukraine. This missile strike on Odesa may be theContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: ODESA”


11:30 PM On Twitter @cjjohns1951 SUNDAY 3 APRIL 2022 MSNBC Mass civilian casualties reported in Ukraine.  Toomas Ilves, former president of the Republic of Estonia.  This is the first time anyone has used the threat of nuclear weapons for conquest.  It is an excuse to say we can’t intervene without courting nuclear war.  The RussiansContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE”


On Twitter @cjjohns1951 SUNDAY 3 APRIL 2022 CNN Zelensky is criticizing Hungry for not doing enough for Ukraine. Kira Rudik, interviewed: We plan to hold accountable anyone giving the orders in this war.  CNN is reporting that Putin wants Donbas under control by early May. Zelensky: They want Donbas and the South of Ukraine.  UKRAINEContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: 3:30 AM”


21 MARCH 2022, 4 PM MSNBC It is estimated that 3.5 million people have been forced to leave Ukraine. The vaccinated rate in Ukraine is low and therefore there is likely to be another COVId outbreak.  U.S. is not accepting many refugees from Ukraine.  Why? Filtration camps?  People being evacuated and transported. Miles Taylor: WeContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: 4 PM”