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  • Mass civilian casualties reported in Ukraine.  Toomas Ilves, former president of the Republic of Estonia.  This is the first time anyone has used the threat of nuclear weapons for conquest.  It is an excuse to say we can’t intervene without courting nuclear war.  The Russians won’t stop in Ukraine.  We must put a stop to this now.  “If you don’t respond now, you will have to respond when they attack NATO.”
  • Belchi asks what do you say to people who say that this will cost American lives?  (Note: What an extraordinarily strange question.)
  • Ilves: What does “never again” mean if you aren’t willing to cut off gas?  “You’re trading gas for human lives.”  “Nervous nelly anxiety” about giving MIGS that many have.  “They should be given the tools to fight back.”  Not helmets.  There is so much that they need and they aren’t getting it yet.  “I am flabbergasted by this.” 
  • Smoke rising from Odesa.  First major strike by the Russians on the Black Sea port. 
  • Khurshudyan (Reporter): Odesa has been one of the safest cities in Ukraine.  Nowhere is safe in terms of air attacks.  There are ships off the coast of Odesa which have been there for weeks.  The strike on Mykoliav (east of Odesa) were from these ships.  They have been planning a landing in Odesa.  But there’s no ground support because it is held up in Mykolaiv.     
  • Abramovich is participating in talks between Russia and Ukraine.  He was one of the ones who showed symptoms of poisoning in March after negotiations. 


  • Not only people, but animals are suffering from the Russian attack on Ukraine.
  • In 2008, Putin commented that “Ukraine is not a state.”  But Ukraine and Georgia didn’t even receive NATO membership action plans.  This could have been stopped.
  • Statement Russian Defense Ministry: “During the entire time of Bucha being under RU control, no local residents suffered from any violent actions.”
  • Vasylkiv, a city near Kyiv, was hit by several missiles.
  • A mass grave was found in Bucha containing 280 people.
  • At least 5,000 civilians have been killed in Mariupol. 


  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba demands new “devastating” sanctions from G7 countries over the Bucha massacre.
  • Finland should decide whether to join Nato this spring.

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