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  • Zelensky is criticizing Hungry for not doing enough for Ukraine.
  • Kira Rudik, interviewed: We plan to hold accountable anyone giving the orders in this war. 
  • CNN is reporting that Putin wants Donbas under control by early May.
  • Zelensky: They want Donbas and the South of Ukraine. 


  • The suffering of humans in Ukraine is immense, but also the suffering of defenseless animals breaks your heart.  There are brave, valiant people trying to save the animals captive in zoos from the horror of this attack.
  • War criminal Ramzan Kadyrov published a video of Russian soldiers distributing humanitarian assistance.  Closer examination revealed that the goods are marked in Ukrainian, therefore are either taken from stores in Ukraine or stolen from humanitarian goods being brought there by Ukraine.
  • Russian propaganda is writing that Great Britain is freezing and starving already.


  • Odesa hit by a Russian airstrike.  Ukrainian air defense shot down a part of the missiles. 
  • Near Kyiv, roads closed because of fighting.  Russians shot at cars and executed civilians at point blank then attempted to burn their bodies.
  • Ukraine Ministry of Defense reports that Russians set up a market in Belarus to sell goods looted in Ukraine.  Belarus city became the collection point for Russian military trucks with the loot from Ukraine which is then sent to Russia by express delivery.   
  • In Donetsk direction, the main efforts of Russian occupiers are focused o capturing the settlements of Rubizhne and Popasna, preparing for the attack on Severodonetsk, trying to gain full control of Mariupol as well as access to Vugledar and Marinka.   

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