FRIDAY 13 MAY 2022



  • There are wounded inside the steel plant in Mariupol.  It is believed that all the civilians are all out. 
  • The Russians keep shelling the plant.
  • Russian troops have withdrawn around Kharkiv and destroyed bridges.
  • Destroying the bridges means that the Russians have given up attempts to occupy Kharkiv, according to the reporter on the scene.
  • Kherson: controls the head of a canal that controls fresh water into Crimea.
  • They are trying to carve Kherson off, the Russians to add this to the occupied territory. 
  • Convoys are leaving Kherson and have been attacked.
  • The Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkiv has been very successful.
  • The Ukrainians have forced Russian troops down in Izium back north to defend their supply lines.
  • Ukrainians are trying to keep the russians out of Kramatorsk.  Russians are trying to take Kramatorsk.
  • Russians are pushing into Voevodivka towards Kramatorsk.  They have secure supply lines into Voevodivka. 
  • Ukrainians have destroyed 13 ships of the Russians.
  • Odesa is a key port.  Grain products have to be shipped out through Odesa.
  • Odesa is blockaded now.  This is going to have an impact on world hunger.


  • Member of Russian government: “Poland should be the next in the line for denazification…”
  • Residents of Mariupol are starving.
  • Zelensky: “France’s President Macron offered to make concessions on Ukraine’s sovereignty in order to save the face of Putin.”
  • Russian Foreign Ministry threatened that if Finland joined NATO, Russia would take “reciprocal steps, both military-technical and other.”
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow (controlled by Russia) stated that Russia invaded Ukraine because its former President Poroshenko established the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (independent of Moscow.)

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