UKRAINE UPDATE: “Nobody is going to break us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians.”




  • Russia has seized Lysychansk which brings them close to seizing the entire Donbas.
  • Zelensky says that while the situation in Lysychansk is difficult, it has not fallen.
  • Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey maintains that Turkish customs has detained a Russian-flagged vessel carrying grain stolen from Ukraine.
  • Russian attacks on Kharkiv.
  • While Belarus is not a “direct participant” in the war it is providing logistical support to Russia.
  • Russian forces attacking Kramatorsk
  • Russian proxies have said that they will hold a referendum on annexing Kherson Oblast to Russia.  They are trying to legitimatize the occupation.
  • The UK Defense Ministry states that the Kremlin is trying to find a pseudo-constitutional solution for the occupation and is prepared to rig the vote in order to show an acceptable result.
  • Some 800,000 Ukrainians have lost homes in the war.
  • Protests in Uzbekistan.
  • Ukrainian forces launch air strikes on Russian-occupied Melitopol.
  • The Russians are claiming a Ukrainian attack was made on Belgorod.
  • Russian websites are full of claims that Ukraine is “overrun by far-right extremeists.”
  • Ukraine announces that Russian missile was fired at a recreational center in Odesa.
  • Voice of America maintains that nearly 16 million Ukrainians need humanitarian aid and protection.
  • UN agencies say that millions of Ukrainians are facing a lack of basic necessities including food, water, and shelter.


  • Ukraine destroys remnants of Russian garrison on Snake Island.
  • Russian shelling of Sloviansk.
  • Lukashenka has accused Ukraine of launching milliles at Belarus.
  • Russian forces have destroyed the administrative buildings in Lysychansk.
  • There are eight Ukrainian mayors in Russian captivity.  Usually, Russia kidnaps “mayors and village heads who refuse to collaborate.”
  • Mariupol teachers are being sent to Russia for “certification.”  (Note: In Florida, De Santis is sending elementary school teachers for indoctrination.)
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