“No one can beat us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians.”

SATURDAY 28 MAY 2022 On Twitter @cjjohns1951 UKRAINE UPDATE UKRAINE WORLD: Twitter This is day 94 of the was against Ukraine. U.S. to send long-range rocket launchers to Ukraine. Excerpts from Russian TV, political discussion show.  (Talking about Germany’s Chancellor saying that Russia can’t dictate the terms)”Do you think we will accept your terms? ThinkContinue reading ““No one can beat us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians.””

We are about to fact a reality test in Ukraine

@cjjohns1951 FRIDAY 27 MAY 2022 UKRAINE: THE LATEST, PODCAST FROM THE TELEGRAPH CONTRIBUTORS: David Knowles, Dom Nichols, Venetia Rainey, Mutaz Ahmed, Alex Ostrovskyy Nicholls Russia is still pushing west.  Ukraine is calling for heavier weapons.  Rainey It’s not going as well for Ukraine in the Donbas as it has previously in the war.  Russia isContinue reading “We are about to fact a reality test in Ukraine”


Nobody’s going to break us, we’re strong.  We are Ukrainians.  UKRAINE: THE LATEST Guests: Don Nicholls, Louis Ashworth and Roland Oliphant.  Host David Knowles Fighting in the Donbas.  Oliphant Ukrainian fighters are outnumbered. This is a battle of encirclement.  The Russians are making progress.  Fighting for Sieverodonetsk.  If Ukrainians stay and wind up in anContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: HEAVY FIGHTING IN THE DONBAS”

Summary of Ukraine: The Latest Podcast

TUESDAY 24 MAY 2022 It is day 90 in the war against Ukraine UKRAINE: THE LATEST, The Telegraph Contributors: David Knowles, Dom Nichols, Verity Bowman, Julia Osmoiska Intense fighting in the central Donbas region.  Putin has said that at the very minimum he wants the Donbas which includes the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The slowdownContinue reading “Summary of Ukraine: The Latest Podcast”


FRIDAY 13 MAY 2022 UKRAINE UPDATE: CNN There are wounded inside the steel plant in Mariupol.  It is believed that all the civilians are all out.  The Russians keep shelling the plant. Russian troops have withdrawn around Kharkiv and destroyed bridges. Destroying the bridges means that the Russians have given up attempts to occupy Kharkiv,Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE”


TUESDAY 3 MAY 2022 NEW YORK TIMES A warehouse of a Russian textbook company whose chairman is a close friend of Putin, went up in flames overnight.  This is another of the suspicious fires.  The warehouse is in the outskirts of Moscow. It was reported that the company had tried to remove as many referencesContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: PUTIN’S HEALTH”


MONDAY 11 APRIL 2022, 6:30 pm CNN New general,  Alexander Dvornikov “butcher of Syria” has a reputation for ignoring civilian populations.  Appointed to direct all Russian operations.  The Syrian military was not doing well, Russians intervened and bombed Aleppo.  Dvornikov was also in Chechen.  Clapper (CIA): He (Dvornikov) is not operating in a friendly environment. Continue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE:”


THURSDAY 7 APRIL 2022 MSNBC: Chris Hayes Timothy Snyder being interviewed:  Snyder: If Putin wins this second part of the war, in the Donbas he will keep going.  Russia must be defeated on the battlefield.  It’s the only way to win this war.  You want that victory to be as quick as possible. We needContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE AND THE “IT’S SO HARD” WHINING FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT LEGAL COMMUNITY”


On Twitter @cjjohns1951 SUNDAY 3 APRIL 2022 CNN Zelensky is criticizing Hungry for not doing enough for Ukraine. Kira Rudik, interviewed: We plan to hold accountable anyone giving the orders in this war.  CNN is reporting that Putin wants Donbas under control by early May. Zelensky: They want Donbas and the South of Ukraine.  UKRAINEContinue reading “UKRAINE UPDATE: 3:30 AM”


MONDAY 28 MARCH 2022 Day 28 CNN CNN anchor said this morning that the Ukrainian people “think” that the war has been going on for eight years.  He said this more than once.  I don’t understand why this fact was portrayed as a supposition.   UKRAINE WORLD Ukraine’s largest pro=Russian party suspended its operation.  ThisContinue reading “MONDAY UKRAINE”