“No one can beat us. We are strong. We are Ukrainians.”


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  • This is day 94 of the was against Ukraine.
  • U.S. to send long-range rocket launchers to Ukraine.
  • Excerpts from Russian TV, political discussion show.  (Talking about Germany’s Chancellor saying that Russia can’t dictate the terms)”Do you think we will accept your terms? Think again.  If you can’t accept our terms, then we’ll force you.”  “…if you force us to use nuclear weapons we’ll have no other choice.” 
  • Belarusian troops have become more active on its southern border.

UTube from Ukraine World

  • Stalemate on the frontline in Donbas.
  • The entire of Ukraine is being attacked, missiles attack interior regions.
  • 90% of Luhansk has been occupied by Russia.
  • Russians are retreating from Kharkiv.  They are focusing on Luhansk oblast.
  • Even though they have taken Mariupol they have not taken the rest of the Donetsk oblast.
  • Ukraine needs these long-range weapons.  The delivery is slow.
  • In two or three months we may see the counter offensive.  The weapons have to arrive and people have to be trained.
  • The war is going off the radar of the international media.  There is a fatigue on their part.  Russia attacked from territories they occupied from 2014.
  • Civilians are not let out of Kherson.  Russians shelled a caravan of leaving cars.  Civilians form a human shield against the Ukrainians.  Russians try to mobilize these civilians into the army.  Third, they want to orchestrate a referendum with these people to join Russia.
  • Belarus. The attack on Kyiv was made from Belarus.  Missiles are launched against Ukraine from Belarus.
  • The war against Ukraine is very unpopular in Belarus.  It is also unpopular among the defense establishment.  He Lukashenko could lose power if he assists openly in an invasion. 
  • Sanctions: Gas and oil exports are even more lucrative for the Russians since the war began. 


  • There are repeated demands from Russia to lift sanctions in order to “increase food and fertilized exports.”
  • Russian Orthodox Church denies claims that its Ukrainian branch became independent. 

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