MSNBC: Chris Hayes

  • Timothy Snyder being interviewed: 
  • Snyder: If Putin wins this second part of the war, in the Donbas he will keep going.  Russia must be defeated on the battlefield.  It’s the only way to win this war.  You want that victory to be as quick as possible.
  • We need a paradigm shift away from talking about stagnation in terms of winning the war.  The Russian offense will probably start within 48 hours.  Putin is determined to win by May 9.  There is a critical month ahead of us.  We should be sending arms as quickly as we can.
  • Nobody in Russia cares about the Donbas.  They just think they have to have some kind of victory.  The only way this ends is for them not to win a victory. 
  • Hayes: Mentions Bloodlands, a book written by Snyder about WWII.
  • The Russians seem to have forgotten that when they won the second world war, the Ukrainians were on their side.  Calling them Nazis while committing the same kinds of atrocities that the Nazis committed during  WWII, is not only perverse, it’s like a second version of the crime itself.   Ukraine was colonized by the Russians and the Germans.  Ukrainians have won the battle of Kyiv. 
  • Hayes:  There is a kind of discomfort with this conflict being determined by who wins on the battlefield. 
  • Snyder:  The American left specializes in being right in losing.  We are not used to being right and winning.  If the Ukrainians lose, democracy will be “rocking on its heels.”  “It’s not just about Ukraine and Russia.  It’s also about the rest of us.”
  • (Note: I just keep thinking about how the Americans were encouraging Zelensky to leave Ukraine.  With Friends like these.)
  • The US government discovered that companies had not removed malware put there by Russians.  The US government was tracking Russian hacking groups.  They went in and removed the malware. 
  • If this had been successful, the GRU would have access to corporate computers.  They could have stolen data from the companies.  Court orders allowed them to go into the computers of companies and remove the malware for them.
  • The FBI had done this before, in 2018. 
  • Some of the fears of hacking in Ukraine have not occurred (such as taking down the central power), but there were attacks.  (Note: Why did we not hear more about them?)
  • Eric Boehlert: Fox News is a closed society.  They know they can lie to their viewers.  Their viewers expect them to lie to them.  “This is a rush to the gutter from the right.”  Boehlert has died.
  • (Note: If you are interested in the Manhattan DA’s office and the Pomerantz resignation, listen to the podcast “Gaslit Nation” for a valuable take.  The corporate press has largely taken Pomerantz’s resignation at face value.  Sarah Kenzior does not.  She argues that the Manhattan DA’s office functions to protect elite criminals.)   
  • Today, Bragg (the new head) maintained that the investigation of Trump was still going on.
  • Rebecca Roiphe, a former Manhattan Assistant DA interviewed on Chris Hayes said, that what is strange is that after this well-known prosecutor (Pomerantz) said he had a case, that there would be more evidence as maintained by Bragg.  “It feels like clean up.”  “It was a public relations disaster.” (When it was announced they would not be pursuing the cae).  This is a way of making it look like they are turning over “every stone.” 
  • Hayes:  There seem to be two different views of what’s going on here. First, the DA’s office is scared of Trump, afraid they might lose the case.  After all, the scrutiny of the world would be on you.  Second, Pomerantz had come out of retirement to do the case, so of course he would want to indict.  There is no case there.
  • Roiphe: I’m sure that both Pomerantz and Bragg are trying to treat every case brought before them equally.  (Note: This is bullshit). 
  • Hayes:  Hayes is questioning his own desire to see Trump held accountable.  Then, he is saying that Trump has committed lawless behavior.  (Note: So why is he apologizing for his own desire for accountability?)  Hayes then says that Trump is clearly committing lawless behavior all over the place and his not being held accountable  doing “flagrantly lawless things” and getting away with them completely born of the fact that he is powerful and wealthy.  This makes it look like he’s escaping the law because of his wealth and privilege.
  • Roiphe: “It really does look that way.”  (NO IT DOESN’T LOOK THAT WAY, IT IS THAT WAY.)  “It’s really hard to prove these criminal cases.”  It’s not that he’s getting special treatment. There are tons of people who get away this kind of thing.  (Note: That raises a gigantic problem in and of itself).
  • Hayes: These cases are difficult to prosecute.  (Note: Hayes does not bring up the fact that the laws are written so that they will be difficult to prosecute. Because they are crimes of the elite.
  • Roiphe: “You really want to be sure you are prosecuting people who have crossed that line.”  (Note: Bullshit). 
  • (Note: These laws are written to make them difficult to prosecute because they are the crimes of the powerful.  The crimes of the powerless are not so difficult to prosecute.
  • Please, please listen to Gaslit Nation.  This interview was just bullshit.

MSNBC: Ali Velshi

  • Kuleba asks for “weapons, weapons, weapons.”  “Either you help us now, and I’m talking days not weeks, or your help will come too late.” 
  • Russian radio traffic intercepted, talking about killing civilians.
  • Mass graves in Bucha.  Many were shot in the head.
  • Russians are going house to house and stealing from the residents.


  • Ukraine says Russian planes will be downed if they try to enter the airspace of Transnistria. 

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