Day 28


  • CNN anchor said this morning that the Ukrainian people “think” that the war has been going on for eight years.  He said this more than once.  I don’t understand why this fact was portrayed as a supposition.


  • Ukraine’s largest pro=Russian party suspended its operation.  This is after two draft laws were introduced in Ukraine’s Parliament proposing to amend legal procedures on banning political parties.
  • Kharkiv has come under shelling more than 200 times in the past 24 hours. 
  • Zelensky gave a 90-minute Zoom interview with Russian journalists.
  • In Mariupol there is no electricity, no water, no light, no heat, no communication.
  • Ukrainian negotiations with Russia will begin in Turkey tomorrow.
  • Zelensky: “I am sure that if tougher sanctions had been levied earlier, a full-scale Russian attack would not have occurred.”
  • Zelensky: The Russians are doing the same thing in cities as they did in Donbas in 2014.


  • Ukrainian security services says they have eliminated 5 enemy bot farms.
  • The bot farms were distributing fake narratives about Russia’s war in Ukraine.  Russian aggression and ideology were justified.
  • Russia has persecuted 36 local government officials, journalists, religious leaders, volunteers, civic activists.
  • The loses to Ukraine from the Russian invasion are estimated to be $564.9 billion.
  • The Armenian Embassy in Ukraine has denied the Armenia handed over aircraft to Russia to be used against Ukraine.

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