FRIDAY 25 MARCH 2022: 5:30 pm


  • CNN is reporting that the Russian movement has stalled, and a Russian general made an announcement indicating that they may be changing the goal post for victory to eastern Ukraine.
  • Chuck Hagel is already giving the U.S. credit for this potential stall of the Russians. 
  • “Russia’s sudden change in plan” is being discussed.


  • On 24 March, some 70 Russian servicemen stationed in Melitopol were reported to have “made a riot.”  They refused to carry out the orders of their leadership and fight the defenders of Zaporizhia.
  • Sergey Rudskoy, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces has said that Russia will focus on “liberating Donbas.”

THE NATION: Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Chief warns of “Real Hell”

  • Brig Gen. Kyrylo Budanov.
  • Article written by Nicolas Niarchos
  • Budanov’s appointment by Zelensky was criticized by people saying he was too young.
  • Pessimistic about the prospect of successful negotiations, Budanov said: “We are dealing with an army of criminals, of looters, of mercenaries, and we are ready to fight and win.”
  • The Russian army as the second army in the  world is just a “big myth.”
  • “we have lots of informants within the Russian army…also in their political circles and their leadership.”
  • Intelligence gathering has been especially sophisticated.  And the Russians, and especially the Chechens are less sophisticated.  The private messages of Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader, were intercepted.  Videos released by the Chechens have been found to be made at locations other than that claimed.


  • After Russia annexed Crimea, EU increased the import of Russian gas in an attempt to use the model of economic interdependence.  It didn’t work.
  • Putin is not just an accident and it was a mistake to assume that Russians had left behind their imperial attitudes.  It’s only a handful of Russians who have consciously refused this social contract.
  • It would be a mistake to assume that after Putin, Russia will move toward democracy.


  • DeSantis just signed a bill allowing parents to object to any classroom texts or material they find “inappropriate.”  Jesus.
  • Anders Aslund (author of Russia’s Crony Capitalism.”): first report of a brigade commander being killed by his soldiers.

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