The Trump Misogeny Machine, The Clinton Entitlement Machine,Melania Trump, Ann Coulter, Chris Matthews and MSNBC

I’m sorry, I know that we are expected to fall all over ourselves praising Melania Trump because she managed to utter a few public words, but a chill went up my spine when she said: “As you may know by now, when you attack him [Trump] he will punch back 10 times harder.”  Is it me or is there something deeply creepy about that choice of words given Trump’s history with women?  Maybe it’s just having lived through the O.J. Simpson trial, but I felt a definite shudder when those words came out of Melania Trump’s mouth.

And, it hasn’t escaped my attention that there seems to be no personal relationship between the two of them.  They are completely uncomfortable together and as physically awkward around each other as two feral cats needing a nap.  They act like they’ve never been in the same room with each other, much less the same bed.

But, be that as it may…MSNBC anchor Tom Brokaw is predicting the demise of the Trump campaign tonight.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

The polls will be closing in Wisconsin in about an hour.

Stories that are attracting my attention:

  • The Panama Papers. The Prime Minister of Iceland has stepped down after massive protests of citizens that he do so.  This resignation makes the Prime Minister the first casualty in what promises to be a series of revelations about those named in documents leaked from a Panamanian law firm which handled offshore shell companies and tax shelters.  Last night Rachel Maddow said that individuals in the U.S. hadn’t been named simply because reporters hadn’t had time to get through the enormous amount of information to get to them.
  • The Trump Misogyny Machine. Ann Coulter, a Trump supporter, tonight said in an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC: “Women can be very suggestible.”  She was talking about women who found Trump’s misogyny insulting.  According to Coulter, silly women are letting the media tell them to be insulted by Trump’s unending sexist narrative.  But, nobody respects women more than Trump.  Just ask him.  Just a note: Why would any professional journalist have Ann Coulter on their program?  Oh, I forgot, it’s Chris Matthews.
  • The Clinton Entitlement Machine. I have listened to two interviews in the past few days, one with Barney Frank and the other with James Carville that really got up my nose.  Both men were nasty, emotional and extremely indignant that Bernie Sanders was running against Hillary Clinton and that stupid people were voting for him.  James Carville said that the administration of Bill Clinton and Barak Obama had been successful and popular and so just what the hell did people think they were doing voting for Bernie Sanders?  How dare they?  Frank blamed voter discontent on the fact that democratic voters hadn’t come out to vote in off year elections.  Had they come out and voted, Frank reasoned, Democrats would have been elected and voters’ concerns would have been spoken to.  Frank, then, essentially blamed the voters for their own discontent.  They brought this on themselves, said Frank in a contemptuous and offensive tone.  Carville kept repeating: I just don’t understand it, talking about the stupidity of people voting for Sanders. Well, I just don’t understand the attitude of the Clinton campaign.  This is still a quasi-democratic country.  People are allowed to run against Hillary Clinton and question her record, even if they are on the Democratic side.  The only way I can explain the attitude is that the Clinton people think that she is entitled to this nomination.  The attitude and what underlies it will deeply offend and alienate Sanders’ supporters who the Democratic Party needs to get elected.  It’s like pitching a temper tantrum because you’re not getting what you feel you are entitled to.  Well, nobody is entitled to the nomination and if the Clinton people keep whining because Sanders is raising tough and legitimate questions about her record I can’t imagine how they are going to respond when confronted with a Republican nominee.  The Clinton campaign is just reminding people why they hate career politicians so much.
  • Finally, what the hell does MSNBC think they are doing filming some of their news programs with anchors sitting in front of rooms full drinking, eating, chattering people? It’s distracting, juvenile and unnecessary.  We are not frat boys sitting in a bar.  Oh, yes, I forgot, it’s Chris Matthews.

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