Things We’re Thinking About This Morning: Donna Brazile


Brazile and Rove Photograph

I have no idea why Donna Brazile decided to write her new book, or why she decided to release it at this particular moment.  I have, however, heard several people propose alternative explanations.  1) She is just blatantly trying to promote a book and make money.  She has purposefully written a sensational book designed to sell.  And, she is getting the media coverage for sure.  2) She is trying to make herself relevant again.  Evidently, though, she was still being paid by the DNC.  I certainly got fund-raising emails with her photograph on them, some of them signed by her.  3) Something happened with the Clintons or the campaign since the election that has prompted her to lash out.  4) She is positioning herself behind the faction she thinks will take control of the Democratic Party, the Sanders people.  5) She is trying to ingratiate herself to Cory Booker and Joe Biden, thinking they are going to be the front runners in the 2010 campaign.


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