Story of the Day: Mueller


Mueller Going Too Easy on Manafort and Gates

This is probably one of the most important stories of the day.  The federal judge hearing the Manafort/Gates bail issue has questioned federal prosecutors from Mueller’s office about why they are being so lenient on Manafort and Gates.

Everybody in the universe of Cable News has been lauding Mueller and talking about his integrity and deluding themselves into thinking that Mueller is going to save us.  I am not so sure.  Mueller is one person, conducting one investigation and the overwhelming pressure will be to paper over this, gloss over it, prevent too great a shock to the masses (us).  Remember that Congress decided in their infinite wisdom not to impeach Reagan for the Iran/Contra affair because they thought the country couldn’t take it.  We must put pressure everywhere we can to prosecute this and not just rely on Mueller.  What I think the country can’t take is to have yet another massive scandal swept under the carpet.

Read the Raw Story coverage here:

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