Things We’re Thinking About This Morning

Roy Moore

Roy Moore is the top of the news this morning.  Donny Deutsch, on Morning Joe, is predicting that if no other women come forward, Roy Moore will be elected in Alabama.  I think he’s probably right.  Nicole Wallace pointed out that this is going to be a test for the right-wing media.  Brietbart has already defended Moore and Fox News as well.  Wallace is talking about the “depravity” of the right-wing media.  And, in right-wing circles, electing a Democrat has become more offensive than electing a deviant.

Mike Flynn

There are as yet no indictments in the Flynn case.  Does this mean he’s cooperating?


We are also waiting for a verdict in the Menendez bribery case.

Donna Brazile

I can’t stop thinking about Donna Brazile and the utterly embarrassing interviews she has given over the past week.  The one on Morning Joe was just painful.  Nobody I can come up with has an explanation for what she’s doing.  Yesterday, on Twitter, people were even speculating that she has had a minor stroke.

Brazile and Rove Photograph



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