Things I’m Thinking About This Morning


  • The Hill is reporting that Nancy Pelosi’s son partied with the Trumps at Mar-a-lago on New Year’s Eve. These folks in the Democratic Party are going to have to decide which side they are on.
  • Morning Joe and Mike started off talking about how the country was going to survive the Trump Administration, how institutions are going to hold and save us from the threat to democracy. This only reinforces my notion that we are not going to survive at least not as a democracy.  My bet is that it’s going to be a spiral toward autocracy from here on out.
  • Scarborough is also talking about the dementia defense for Trump. He has been pushing this one for months.  At least one journalist has proposed that this is likely to be the out for Trump and his minions – claim dementia and then resign and therefore be allowed to get away with treason, money laundering and god knows what else.
  • The hypocritical pair (Joe and Mika) also were talking again this morning about “poor” Hope Hicks, and “poor” Reince Priebus. There was also comment on what a decent human being Priebus is.  These people are adults, they have been part of one of the most corrupt administrations in history.  I have no, I repeat no, sympathy for any of them.
  • Steve Bannon is now trying to say his comments about treason were not about Donald Trump Jr, they were about Manafort.

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