Things I Was Thinking About Yesterday

  • Robert Reich pointed out in a tweet that with the $18 billion they are talking about spending on the wall, we could end homelessness for 500 thousand Americans.
  • Christopher Steele briefed reporters about his findings regarding the Trump/Russia scandal before the election.
  • It has been reported that a person died due to the release of the Steele documents. Who was this?
  • Is Steve Bannon just the first to try to distance himself from an administration riddled with corruption?  Everybody in the White House is going to be pointing and saying: He’s Spartacus.
  • Why hasn’t Rosenstein recused himself? The memo he wrote was used as a cover story for firing Comey.  Rosenstein will be a witness regarding the firing of Comey.  Some have argued that Mueller et. al. are just conveniently ignoring the conflict here.  Others have mused that Muller isn’t going after obstruction.
  • Why can’t Nicole Wallace stop talking? She’s getting to be just like Chris Matthews.  Every question she asks is four paragraphs long.
  • What difference would it make if the investigation had been initiated by the Steele memos? Why are the Democrats trying so hard to argue that the investigation was not initiated by the Steele memos?  What difference does it make?  They are so intimidated by Republican arguments.
  • Joe Scarborough and others are repeatedly advancing the argument that Trump is suffering from dementia. This argument (that Trump has changed, deteriorated) seems especially self-serving coming from Scarborough.   He can try to justify his own slavish support for Trump up until Trump dumped him as an advisor.  Also, the danger of this argument (aside from the face that it’s probably untrue and almost impossible to prove) is that it forms a convenient out for Trump.  He can resign, claim that he if suffering from dementia, and get to keep all his ill-gotten gains and cover up his criminal, and (if we were in a war) treasonous behavior.
  • Why is everybody in the media constantly apologizing for calling out Trump’s behavior? You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to see that somebody’s behavior is erratic, impulsive, out of the ordinary.  You would say that about your neighbor if he behaved like Trump.   You don’t have to have a formal medical diagnosis to know that somebody is off-kilter (to put it mildly).  Just say it and stop wringing your hands.
  • Diane Feinstein has released the Senate Judiciary Committee testimony of Fusion GPS founder, Glenn Simpson. Let’s hope this is an indication of Democrats growing some kind of spine.

Just saying…

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