Things I’m Thinking About



Things I’m Thinking About

  • Nicole Wallace admitted this week that she used to watch Fox News exclusively.  I have a hard time understanding how anybody sane could have watched Fox News exclusively much less why they would admit it on national television.
  • Joe Scarborough announced last week that he believed God has a special relationship with the United States.
  • Donna Brazille continues to work for the DNC and be interviewed on television as if she’s a credible person even though she lied repeatedly and publicly about passing on a question for the debates to Hillary Clinton
  • Howard Dean couldn’t keep himself from taking a cheap nasty swipe at Bernie Sanders about some Australian volunteers.  Vice News ran a headline saying that Sanders “colluded” with the Australians.  The reality, however, is that some Australian volunteers worked for the Sanders campaign and the FEC later ruled that stipends they received from their government were campaign contributions.  Sanders paid the FEC.
  • The Democratic Party apparatus is attacking their own progressive candidates.


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