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donny 1

On Nicole Wallace’s program yesterday, Donny Deutsch (frequent quest on Morning Joe and some kind of branding expert) said something which rings true to me. After he had lunch with Michael Cohen, Deutsch said Trump was going to go to war with the Justice Department.  Trump, he argued, could not afford to allow the “rock” to be turned over.  Nicole Wallace asked: What’s under the rock?  Deutsch responded:  Everything Donald Trump has been and done for forty years.  Trump can’t afford for that rock to be turned over and if it means he will be impeached, he will provoke impeachment because he cannot allow this to happen.   It will uncover everything Donald Trump is – personally, politically and financially.  Pretty well suns up the situation.

CNN is reporting this morning that a doorman was payed to keep quiet over an illegitimate child Trump had with somebody.

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