Sunday Thoughts: Jennifer Rubin

jennifer rubin

Jennifer Rubin was once accused of being such a fawning supporter of Mitt Romney even the right thought she was trying to get a job in a future Romney administration.  Nevertheless, she has become a forceful voice against the Trump administration and all it stands for.

Jennifer Rubin, former Republican writer for the Washington Post :

On the Democrats: “Don’t play defense, play offense.”

On the White House Press Corps: “They sit there, they take it, they record it…”  “Get up and leave.”  “Your lives are in danger.”  “That’s incitement to violence too.”

On Sarah Huckleberry Sanders: “These people should be made uncomfortable.”  And it should be a “life sentence.”

(Joy Reid Show, 71/18)

On the Republican Party, it “has become the caricature the left always said it was…” (Politico, 4/17/2018)



One response to “Sunday Thoughts: Jennifer Rubin”

  1. I watched the discussion and was glad to hear her take a reasoned and tough stand. We can’t normalize these facist by acting civil and pretending there is a balance. There is no balance to treating this evil, only rejection.


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