It’s the Principle of the Thing: Sears Repair Service

I’ve been in Sears Repair Service hell all morning. I know they must have a code for people like me – Retired Old Farts – or something like that.  They must have a code name for people who are old enough to remember what the world was like when things worked.

It’s a simple story, I phoned yesterday to schedule an appointment to get the washer repaired.  The washer had flooded the laundry room and the downstairs bathroom. Then, the woman started trying to sell me a long term service contract for all the appliances in the kitchen.  After listening for 10 minutes to a script about the service, I asked a few easy questions and she couldn’t answer.  So, she just babbled off the script again.

When I asked if I could read the contract about exactly what was covered and get back to her, she said that the offer would no longer be good if I didn’t take it immediately.

I got frustrated and impatient (not a rare state for me these days) and told her to make the service appointment but that we didn’t want the contract.

She started reading me the script again.  I got even more frustrated and annoyed and told her again to just make the regular service appointment and hung up.

She didn’t make the regular appointment, so after making arrangements to be here from 8-5 PM, I find out this morning there is no repair person coming.

When I phone to complain and tell them that they should get somebody out here, I have to ask for a supervisor to even hear the word “sorry,” which is useless.

Now, they want to make another appointment on Thursday. That means waiting three days and being here from 8-5 again to wait for repair person. How do people who work get anything done anymore.

I am frustrated and angry and I know that I’m desperately trying to hold on to a world that no longer exists. There is no customer service anymore, you can’t talk to a living person unless it’s somebody for whom English is a second language (sorry but when there’s something wrong with my computer, I don’t want to struggle with another language aside form the impenetrable language of computers) reading from a script. I am hanging on to a world where things work, where there is some rationality, predictability, sense of responsibility and duty. I know, I know, it’s idiotic and a waste of time.

I was spouting off to an ex-husband who I had not seen in years about a doctor’s office the other day.  I said: “It’s just not reasonable.” He stared at me and said: “And that’s your standard?” Like I had lost my mind.

That’s it. Reasonable is no longer a standard. It doesn’t matter if you cannot get an appointment to see your own doctor for two months when you’re ill. It doesn’t matter that Sears is supposed to provide Repair services in a reliable and responsible way, and if they don’t they should make up for it. Those are long gone days.

As I was arguing with Sears, I thought to myself, it’s not even the washer, it’s the principle of the thing. And, then I realized that statement is an antiquity, no longer relevant in this culture.

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