Let’s Get Rid of All the Trees: Georgia

clear cut georgia

This photograph doesn’t begin to give you an impression of what is happening on 2,200 miles of Georgia roadway.

The Department of Transportation is in the midst of a clear cutting project that is only half-way through.  We noticed it around our house in Coastal Georgia.  Trees were being clear cut off land that formerly was wooded and beautiful.  What was left was a hideous swamp.  I can’t imagine the effect this had on wildlife.  And, land that previously only had to be maintained by keeping the undergrowth out of the highway, now has to be completely maintained, costing God knows how much money.  This project to make Georgia hideous, hazardous to wildlife, and expensive, is most certainly a boondoggle for the company who has the contract to clear land that didn’t need clearing and the Congress members who no doubt were paid back with favors and deals.  This little project is going to cost Georgians $62.5 million dollars.

Now, you want me to tell you what the DOT and the Federal Highway Administration have to say about this?

Quote, Doug Hecox, spokesman for the Federal Highway Administration:  “Trees are pretty and aesthetically pleasing, we understand that, but there are a variety of reasons why they’re an unsafe choice.”

And, according to the Riverkeeper in Savannah, Simona Perry, the state ignored the impact this little project would have on erosion.  One of the first things we noticed was that what had formerly been a lovely wooded area was turned into a muddy swamp.

“The state disregarded…good environmental practice by doing it this say…There wasn’t a barrier to stop sediment from running into those waterways and that was alarming,” Said Perry in an Associated Press story.

Oh, and Department of Transportation officials quoted to the Associated Press, statistics that 472 people died over the past three years from hitting trees.

I think we should get rid of them all.  After all, how many children get hurt every year from falling from trees and elderly people tripping over their roots.  Clear cut the state.

According to figures from the CDC, 96 people are killed every DAY with guns.  In Georgia, between 2014 and 2016, 4,413 people were killed with guns (Atlanta Journal Constitution).

Here are the rankings for Georgia compared to the rest of the country.

  • In 2014, Georgia ranked the 4th highest state with a total of 1,394 deaths.
  • In 2015, Georgia ranked 5th highest state with a total of 1,448 deaths.
  • In 2016, Georgia ranked 4th highest state with a total of 1,571 deaths.

Your Republican Legislature at work for you in Georgia.


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