The Great Bi-Partisan Ageeement on Kavanaugh: Call Me Cynical



Call me cynical, but I don’t trust this agreement to spend a week conducting an FBI investigation of the charges against Bret Kavanaugh.

  • This move is designed to provide cover for Republicans who realize just how bad they look railroading this lying, torture enabling (see closed files on Kavanaugh’s Bush era work) frat boy onto the Supreme Court.
  • Everyone in the media and almost everybody in Congress is oozing touchy/feely sentiments about “bipartisanship.” Sen. Flake is one senator, making one move on one issue, (and Flake is a Senator who was publicly shamed by survivors in a Senate elevator).  This is not a sudden turnaround by the Republicans to be reasonable and start participating in the democratic process.  All you have to do is look at the footage from the Kavanaugh hearings, listen to Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and the unutterably horrid Chuck Grassley to see that the Republicans are committed to gaslighting the entire country.
  • There is no guarantee that an FBI investigation (supervised by another frat boy, Christopher Wray) will uncover anything. The more likely outcome is that it will come up with nothing because it will be constrained and basically defined out of existence or potency before it begins.  Sen. Blumenthal tried, but was cut off by Grassley, to state that any investigation had to be a real investigation not just a show.  If the Republicans have anything to do with it, it will be a show.
  • The investigators evidently have no subpoena power. Witnesses will talk only voluntarily.
  • Mark Judge has already stated that he will talk only “confidentially.” What the hell does that mean?
  • The FBI is only allowed to investigate “credible” accusations. And, who do you think will define which are “credible” accusations?

I have little faith that this will be anything but a checking off of a box by the Republicans.  Democrats, however, will bend over backward to be “reasonable” and shut up after the investigation.

Finally, even if Democrats do manage to get this disgusting nomination stopped, they will bend over backward to approve the next nomination in order to prove that they are not “partisan.”  And we will wind up with a partisan right-wing, anti-democratic, corporate loving Supreme Court that will help crown Donald Trump, eviscerate environmental protections and erode civil liberties.

Diane Feinstein said today that this was not a political issue.  It is probably one of the most important political issues of our generation.  It is a political question about whether we are going to have a democracy based on the rule of law, or an autocracy, a kleptocracy, an authoritarian state.  It is a political issue about whether women are going to be allowed to control their own bodies or be vessels controlled by men.

Sen. Coons may think it makes him sound like an honorable person to quote Joe Biden (part of the reason we’re in the Kavanaugh mess in the first place) by saying that it is proper to question the Republican’s positions, but not their motivations.  To me, that sounds like something off the back of a cereal box.  If the Democrats don’t start questioning the Republican’s motivations, we are all going to wind up in an authoritarian country.  The nice guy stance is just not going to work.  It’s really like saying: We have to understand the Nazis, understand their perspective, listen to them and maintain a civil, respectful relationship.  NO WE DON’T.  WE CAN’T.

The Republicans are right about one thing – this is a war, a war they started and it is a war for everything decent and honorable and good that this country represents.  I know which side I’m on and I know who the enemy is.

If Democrats can’t find it in themselves to choose sides, call out the enemy as an enemy and fight for us, they should get out of the way.  The Republicans are implementing one-party rule and they are getting away with it.  I call on the Democrats to either fight or get out of the way.

And, if I can add just one more thing…the very fact that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee allowed Bret Kavanaugh to talk to them the way he did is a disgrace.  They are United States Senators.  When he interrupts them and talks over them and treats them with contempt, he is doing so to the American people.  Stand up for yourself and for us.





2 responses to “The Great Bi-Partisan Ageeement on Kavanaugh: Call Me Cynical”

  1. Impossible to call your outlook cynical when there is so much evidence proving the entire advise and consent process for this nominee has been and is a sham. Why expect the Republicans’ last stage in the process will deviate from the pattern they established?

    Roll Call reported hours ago that Mitch McConnell said it is definite that he will schedule a vote on Kavanaugh’ nomination before the week ends. He had the temerity to blame Democrats for being untrustworthy and willfully sabotaging the good chances for the nominee.

    McConnell would blame the D’s for causing the 40 day flood, the black plague and Hurricane Maria as part of their conspiracy to defeat Kavanaugh if he believes there is the slight possibility someone would be fooled into supporting his rants. Democrats must realize they must step up. They are getting smeared while staying polite.

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    • It’s interesting. A friend read the piece and didn’t realize I had written it. He said that the author had evidently given up. I don’t see that conclusion making sense in what I wrote. There’s a difference between giving up and seeing reality, but I appreciated the feedback anyway. I have found a similar reaction to writing or even talking about the possible effect the Russians had on the election or voting machine tampering in Georgia. People just don’t want to believe it and they feel very threatened by any discussion that involves a question about institutions holding. I think it’s part of the “american exceptionalism” argument. We are so special, unique, that (as Sinclair Lewis said) “It can’t happen here.” That frightens me. You should consider most seriously what you least want to believe. Thanks for your comment.


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