• Republicans are trying to depress the Democratic vote all over the country. They are trying to make it as hard as possible to vote by closing polling stations, long lines, long waits, a difficult process, a vaguely threatening atmosphere – all designed to keep people from voting, especially minorities and the poor.
  • In North Dakota, Republicans are targeting Native Americans. The State Legislature passed a law saying that voter IDs had to have a street address.  Native Americans who live on reservations don’t have street addresses.  When Republicans passed this law clearly targeting Native Americans, they knew that a small number of Native Americans helped elect Democrat Heidi Heidkamp to the Senate in 2013.
  • There are various lawsuits in Georgia about voter suppression.
  • In Texas, a conservative organization is trying to raise money by sending out direct mail flyers saying that Democrats are trying to unfairly influence the voting system by registering far too many people and swamping the system. (Rachael Maddow)
  • In Cobb County, Georgia there was a three hour wait to vote on the first day of early voting (Rachael Maddow). In Jefferson County, Georgia, when elderly African Americans left a Senior Center in a bus to vote, County authorities were notified.  County officials called the senior center to stop the senior citizens from voting.  I don’t even understand how that was possible, but it happened.  The group was told to get off the bus that was transporting them to the polls.  The Senior Center is run by the county.
  • Brian Kemp, the Secretary of State in Georgia has been asked to investigate the Jefferson County incident.  That’s a joke.
  • Brian Kemp is running for office as a Republican in the same election he’s supervising as Secretary of State.
  • If you phone his campaign office to complain about Kemp’s public lies about his opponent, you are likely to get an abusive argument, as I did yesterday.  When you phone Kemp’s state office, you are told (rudely) that the State of Georgia has no control over Kemp’s behavior or that of his campaign.  He’s not employed by the Secretary of State’s Office, I was told.  HE IS THE SECRETARY OF STATE I responded.
  • Oh, and please don’t forget, the Supreme Court (before Kavanaugh) gutted the Voting Rights Act which freed states to engage in this kind of voter suppression.
  • People died for your right to vote.  Please, please use it.  Use your vote, your body to protest, your voice to agitate and phone and ask questions.  What I fear most is that by the time people in this country are walking around saying: “They can’t do this can they” it will be too late.

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