There’s a World Out There. The International Moving Right Show: Brazil


While many commentators in the U.S. media talk about Sergio Moro as a “crusading anti-graft judge,” (Reuters, 11/1/18) they fail to point out that Moro presided over the elimination of Brazil’s most popular politician from electoral consideration in the recent Presidential election.  Moro was the central player in the jailing of now president-elect Bolsonaro’s opponent, Lula da Silva.  Bolsonaro is rewarding Moro with an appointment as the head of the justice ministry.

Bolsonaro represents everything right-wing, everything authoritarian, everything pro-business, misogynist, anti-gay that politics has to offer.  Commentators often refer to him as the Brazilian Trump, but he is arguably far worse.  Like Trump, he was at one time caricatured in the media as a joke.  But, Bolsonaro is not a joke anymore.  He will soon take office as the President of Brazil.

Bolsonaro’s election stokes fears among those on the center and the left.  Bolsonaro has made openly misogynist statements, sworn to unleash the police on the poor, expressed a fondness for military dictatorship, and aligned himself with the most exploitive of business interests.

Congresswoman Erika Kokay of Brazil has stated that Brazil’s mainstream media had made a “national hero out of a great destroyer of the rule of law.”


Viga Gaier, Rodrigo (11/1/18)  Brazil’s Bolsonaro names judge who jailed his rival as justice minister.  Reuters.




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