The State of Affairs Today

house of trump

Someone leaked Trump’s work schedule. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.

“Multiple intelligence officers” told Time Magazine that when Trump is briefed with intelligence, he displays “willful ignorance” and even though they try to hold his attention with “visual aids,” try to confine briefing points to two or three sentences, and repeat his name and title as frequently as possible, he still goes into a rage if presented with anything that disagrees with his public comments.

Mueller isn’t going to save us. Barr has already set the stage in his testimony before Congress to bury the “report.”

Congress continues to refuse to do its job and begin impeachment proceedings.  Congress does not have to wait for the Mueller report, which may well not be released and even if released may well not produce the “smoking gun” people expect.

Remember Iran/Contra, especially since some of the players in Iran/Contra are already on board. (Robert MacFarlane, Elliott Abrams)


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