The Theme of the Day for the Corporate Media



All in one morning, one morning…

…the entire panel of Morning Joe (or as some of us like to call it, Morning Misogyny) sets it’s collective hair on fire about AOC and the “socialists” in the Democratic Party.  Even Donnie Deutsch, a normally decent sort of person, declares AOC to be “dangerous.”   This is all because she successfully opposed another one of these massive state giveaways to a corporation, Amazon.  Mika, one of the people I would least like to spend 15 seconds with, announces that she has a new book (I can hardly breathe) and that these new young smartsy women (like AOC) (who she doesn’t want to criticize least they not snap up her book) need to listen to their elders (read Mika, the “display your worth on national television as nothing” queen).

…Trump announces a National Emergency that doesn’t exist and the tame, cowardly press corps asks questions like this is a normal presidency and a normal thing to do.

…in the coverage after the announcement, Hallie Jackson makes a joke (I’m still laughing) that the Democrats have been burning up the phone lines complaining about the abuse of power by the President.  This is part of the “it’s another childish food fight between those silly Republicans and Democrats” attitude that’s going to bury us in authoritarianism before most people realize what’s happened.

…Kristen Welker gives a ton of air time to this horrid Michael Steel who used to work for the Boner.  And he finishes up his rant by saying: We now have a clear divide in the Democratic field right now – “between the people who want to run as people who can govern…and find common ground, …and the people who want to run on burning everything down, tearing down everything the president is associated with and energizing that base and their white hot hatred of the president.”

Make no mistake about it, the corporate press is going to usher us into another term for Trump.  They minimize, trivialize, give ideological space to crazy people in the name of being “objective” and turn themselves inside out trying to deny what is happening before our very eyes.

This didn’t happen today, but yesterday, Nicolle Wallace, with a straight face (although she us usually laughing with delight) tells a guest something like: Manafort has lied all his life, his career was lying, so why did they bring him on board in the administration?  Now, I ask you, what kind of imbecile asks such a question?  THEY BROUGHT HIM ON BOARD BECAUSE HE IS A LIAR AND HAS A PROFESSIONAL CAREER AS A LIAR.  THEY ARE ALL LIARS.  Why not just say that.  It’s staring you in the face, although you might not see it in the glare of your teeth smiling and making jokes about the situation.

I know.  I know.  I’m crabby, but authoritarianism makes me a little bit out of sorts.  I can’t help it.




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