More Morning Misogyny: Mika and Joe

pressley  This is Ayanna Pressley the first black Congresswoman from Massachusetts.  Have you ever heard her speak?  This is one of the women who (according to Mika Brzezinski) need to take advice from their elders (read from the dreadful and opportunistic Mika).  On Friday, the panel of Morning Joe had a little hair-in-fire segment about the “socialists” in the Democratic Party, and the young women who needed to listen to their more experienced elders (who have done so much for us).

This from people (Joe and the horrid Mika) who gave Donald Trump millions of dollars of free air time during the election, people who asked Trump’s permission to confront him with certain questions, were celebrating at Mara-Lago with Trump after the election, who broke with Trump only because he threatened them.

But, the Democrats need advice from Joe about who to nominate, and these young whipperty-snapperty women need the pathetic Mika’s advice.

Just to remind you, Donnie Deutch called AOC “dangerous” Friday morning.  And, Joe was on Twitter last night trying to say that he didn’t say the things he said about the freshman women.  I am so sick of these people.

In case you didn’t notice, last night the disgusting Matt Schlapp issued a tweet glorying in the fact that Trump finally had his own Attorney General and that Barr was going to get rid of Mueller soon.  Anybody who sat on television and argued that Barr was a principled person and that he would do the right thing is a fool, and blind.  Guys, these institutions are not going to save us.  Barr was behind the pardoning of 7 people after the Iran /Contra scandal.  You think he’s not going to do that here?  Watch this space.

And yes, I’m still cranky.  My hair has been on fire for over two years and my scalp is beginning to burn.





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